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Hanna Instruments Announces New Multiparameter pH/EC/DO Portable Meter with Bluetooth® (HI98494)

HI98494_Multiparameter_FrontSmithfield, RI, March 2021 - Hanna Instruments USA, Inc. (Hanna) is excited to introduce a new Multiparameter pH/EC/DO Portable Meter with Bluetooth® (HI98494) and optical DO technology. This new product combines Hanna’s rugged meter design with advanced digital sensors for testing up to 12 different water quality parameters, making it perfect for environmental testing. With the integrated Bluetooth® connection, users can easily transfer data to a smart device. Hanna’s portable meter (HI98494) is stored in a convenient carrying case and is always prepared for successful testing.

Distinctive features:
• Sensor replacement is quick and easy with field replaceable, screw type connectors and are color-coded for easy identification.
• Tougher by design, this portable meter is waterproof, IP67-rated and can withstand immersion in water of 1m for up to 30 minutes.
• The probe is IP68-rated featuring a strong ABS body and stainless-steel protective guard for testing in rough environments.
• Connects wirelessly via Bluetooth® to a smart device with the Hanna Lab App.

Hanna’s new Multiparameter pH/EC/DO Portable Meter with Bluetooth® (HI98494) is now available on our website. If you have any questions regarding our newest product, please contact (800) 426-6287.

About Hanna Instruments, Inc. (Hanna): Hanna is the world’s largest privately held manufacturer of analytical and scientific instruments. Since 1978 Hanna has produced simple, affordable, high quality devices for laboratory, food, agriculture, environmental, industry applications, and more. We offer a wide array of instrumentation from research grade benchtop meters and ISEs, to single and multiparameter meters for pH, DO, and more. Thousands of consumers and major brands trust Hanna for their testing needs. Hanna operates in 34 countries around the globe, ensuring exceptional levels of customer service and support. For more information, please visit hannainst.com.

If you have any questions about this press release, please reach out to us at 
marketing@hannainst.com for more information.