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Where it all began...

It all started in 1978 in Italy, where our founders, Oscar and Anna Nardo, set out to make science testing accessible to everyone! Fast forward to today, Hanna Instruments is now led by Martino Nardo and Pamela Nardo, son and daughter of our founders. We strive to create testing equipment that is easy-to-use, accurate, and readily available. 

We value our customers and work with you every step of the way to ensure your testing success.
This is our driving force, it's who we are. 



We meet you where you are

No matter if you're in the lab or out in the field, we have just what you need to test.
We're more than just a pH company!

Aqua-Hydro feild Lab

We make a wide array of testing equipment for various industries and applications.




We create our products from design to completion

At Hanna, we take pride in every single product that we build. From an original idea scribbled on a piece of paper in a notebook to a finished, final product that is boxed and ready for testing, we oversee every aspect of the manufacturing process. It is this level of attention to detail that sets us apart.



We really know our products inside and out

From our engineers making the circuits and firmware for our meters to our glass blowers handcrafting our pH & ORP electrodes, all the way to the final production stages, where our quality team checks each piece of testing equipment before it is delivered to your doorstep, yes, we do it all.  
Manufacturing-1 Manufacturing-2.jpg Manufacturing-3


We've been doing this for over 45 years and counting



Located in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. 
We are in New England and enjoy the change of the seasons! 

3,000+ Products

Over 3,000 products crafted in Italy,
the United States, Romania, and Mauritius.

44 Countries

We operate in 44 countries around the globe, ensuring exceptional levels of customer service and support.


Better testing starts with Hanna


SimpleSimplicity at its finest

We've made testing easier than ever!
Our products are intuitive and user-friendly.


Results you can count on

We take quality, accuracy, and reliability seriously. Achieve precise and consistent readings with our testing equipment.

Testing-ToolsTesting equipment for everyone

  From our testers and portable meters to our benchtops and titrators, we have a testing solution for you.


Let's ensure your testing success together 

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