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General pH Calibration Bundle, pH 4 & 7 (Sachets)
General pH Calibration Bundle, pH 4 & 7 (Sachets)

General pH Calibration Bundle, pH 4 & 7 (Sachets)


The HI547-11PS General Calibration Bundle is great for customers who value field calibration and, more importantly, fresh buffers. This bundle has the added value of being able to ensure fresh buffer every time they calibrate for accurate results (they only expire after 5 years from manufacturing).

  • 4.01 & 7.01 pH Buffer Sachets (25 each)- HI77400P
  • Electrode Storage Solution (500 mL) - HI70300L
  • General Purpose Cleaning Solution Sachet (25 x 25mL) - HI700601P
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