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Lead/Sulfate Half-Cell Ion Selective Electrode (ISE)
Lead/Sulfate Half-Cell Ion Selective Electrode (ISE)

Lead/Sulfate Half-Cell Ion Selective Electrode (ISE)


The HI4012 is a solid state, half-cell ion selective electrode (ISE) for the determination of lead (Pb2+) in solution and indicator for sulfate in titrations. The lead sulfide sensing pellet produces a potential change due to the ion exchange between the inorganic pellet membrane and the sample. The internal sensing elements are housed within a durable epoxy body.  The HI4012 is ideal for a variety of applications in the plating industry and environmental monitoring.

  • Solid state sensor
  • Detection from 0.21 to 20,700 mg/L Pb2+
  • For use with HI5315 reference half-cell
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