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Olive Oil Acidity Test Kit
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Olive Oil Acidity Test Kit


The HI3897 Olive Oil Acidity Test Kit is a user-friendly way to determine the percent acidity of your olive oil. The percent acidity of olive oil is a direct indicator of its quality, classification, and freshness. Normally, testing acidity is a complicated process requiring the use of various chemicals in a laboratory environment. The HI3897 kit utilizes a titration method where the endpoint is visually determined when the color changes from yellow-green to pink. With the Olive Oil Acidity Test Kit, it is possible to test the quality of olive oil at various stages of processing and storage to monitor and maintain the highest quality.

  • Calibrated dosing syringe
  • Single use solvent bottles
  • Speedsafe™ magnetic stirrer
Olive Oil Acidity Test Kit
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