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General pH Calibration Bundle, pH 4 & 7 (Bottles)
General pH Calibration Bundle, pH 4 & 7 (Bottles)

General pH Calibration Bundle, pH 4 & 7 (Bottles)


This package is ideal for those who frequently calibrate in a lab or other controlled space and calibrate regularly. The two calibration points at pH 4.01 and pH 7.01 set it apart, allowing users who only want to calibrate to two points to save on solutions they wouldn't use.

  • 4.01 & 7.01 pH Buffer (500 mL) - HI7004L, HI7007L
  • Electrode Storage Solution (500 mL) - HI70300L
  • General Purpose Cleaning Solution (500 mL) - HI7061L
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