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Cleaning Solution for Wine Stains (500 mL)
Cleaning Solution for Wine Stains (500 mL)

Cleaning Solution for Wine Stains (500 mL)


The HI70636L is a highly effective cleaning solution that is specially formulated for use with pH electrodes that become stained by with wine juice or must. Electrodes can become stained from use and can produce inaccurate results even. Hanna's cleaning solution for wine stains will remove residues that are left on electrode surfaces. Hanna suggests cleaning the bulb and junction of your electrode on a regular basis to ensure that the probe is always clean and prevent any clogging of the junction. Hanna's line of cleaning solutions have been specially formulated to have an expiration of 5 years from the date of manufacture for an unopened bottle.

  • Specially formulated cleaning solution to remove wine stains from a pH electrode
  • Air tight bottle with tamper-proof seal to ensure quality
  • Expiration date and lot number clearly marked on the bottle
Cleaning Solution for Wine Stains (500 mL)
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