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Hanna Instruments (Hanna) has a unilateral Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy (MAPP) in place. Details of the policy are listed below and cover all products in the Hanna Instruments general catalog and listed on www.hannainst.com.

MAP Policy

Except for resales in connection with a promotional program offered by Hanna, Distributor/retailer shall not offer Hanna's products for resale at prices below those which are listed on Hanna's website without first obtaining written permission from Hanna. Failure to comply with our MAP policy will be subject to violation penalties.

MAP Violation Penalties

Hanna Instruments utilizes a modern MAP tracking software tool to monitor and help enforce its MAP policy on a variety of digital marketplaces. All violations are recorded and saved using the aforementioned MAP tracking software.

Hanna will provide notice to Reseller to remove or stop the violation. If the violation cannot be removed or stopped (for example, an ad that ran one time previously), Hanna will provide notice of the violation.

Each violation of this MAP Policy is cumulative and will carry over to any updated or new Hanna policies. The consequences of each violation may take effect even if previous consequences are still running.

For Resellers purchasing from distributors, our MAP Policy will be enforced through a Do-Not-Sell List provided to all distributors.

First Violation: Distributor must update pricing within 48 hours of being notified to avoid a Second Violation

Second Violation - If violation is not fixed within the 48 hours, this constitutes a Second Violation. Offending products are not able to be purchased for 30 days from the date of the notice and all outstanding purchase orders will be canceled.  Update pricing within 48 hours to avoid a Third Violation.

Third Violation - If violation is not fixed within the 48 hours, this constitutes a Third Violation and termination of Distributor Agreement and/or placement on our DO NOT SELL list.


Hanna at any time may modify the MAP policy, adjust pricing on our website or add or remove products covered in the policy.
Hanna will attempt to provide prior notice of each new Minimum Advertised Price or change in the included Covered Products at least sixty (30) days in advance. While Hanna will attempt to communicate all update through notice, each reseller is responsible for making sure that it is aware of the appropriate MAP(s).

For questions or further clarification please email info@hannainst.com