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Advanced Automatic Potentiometric Titrator
Advanced Automatic Potentiometric Titrator
Advanced Automatic Potentiometric Titrator
Advanced Automatic Potentiometric Titrator
Advanced Automatic Potentiometric Titrator
Advanced Automatic Potentiometric Titrator
Advanced Automatic Potentiometric Titrator
Advanced Automatic Potentiometric Titrator
Advanced Automatic Potentiometric Titrator
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Advanced Automatic Potentiometric Titrator

Take your testing to the next level with our Automatic Titrator (HI932) and set a higher standard for quality at your laboratory or business. 

We’ve meticulously designed this titrator to not just help you meet industry and application requirements, but to surpasthem altogether.  

Our Automatic Titrator is durable and built to withstand the harsh chemicals used during titrations. Up for the task at hand, this titrator unit is manufactured with a strong Cycoloy® body and chemically resistant PTFE tubing.

With its compact size, our Automatic Titrator requires less benchtop space and fits seamlessly into any testing environment 

Experience our Automatic Titrator


Measure with precision

Get accurate and consistent results at just the push of a button. Our Automatic Titrator is built with a 40,000 step dosing pump, capable of dosing extremely small volumes of titrant and achieving an exact endpoint.      


 Attain repeatable results

 There can be several shift changes during the day at your lab or facility. Our Automatic Titrator arrives with preprogrammed methods. This ensures that everyone can perform and replicate tests the same way each time. 


Meet quality standards

Adhering to strict requirements is an absolute must. Be ready with our Automatic Titrator! Gain traceability and produce customizable analysis reports. Store required data for each application and record all GLP information. 


Make decisions and adjustments on the spot

Start taking control of your testing with our Automatic Titrator. By testing in-house, you can avoid delays and stay proactive. Discover potential quality issues quickly, take corrective action, and implement changes when needed. 


Free up time and
increase productivity

 Let our Automatic Titrator do the bulk of the work for you! While a titration is running, you can  focus on other important tasks simultaneously. Cross more things off your priority list and improve overall efficiency. 


Test confidently and eliminate the hassle 

User-friendly, our Automatic Titrator makes testing simple and convenient. Don't worry about getting lost or overloaded with information. This unit is equipped with intuitive screens and menus for easy navigation. 

   Tailor to your testing needs

Can you customize titration methods?

Yes, of course! With our Automatic Titrator, you can modify titration methods to suit your application requirements. Titrate for a variety of published methods and store up to 100 user-defined, standard titration, and direct measurement methods

Are you able to perform different titration types?

Yes, this is possible! Pair with the right electrode and complete numerous standard and back titrations as well as direct pH, ORP, and ion-selective readings

What is the linked methods function?

Available for certain applications, this unique approach saves you time and allows you to measure two parameters in one sample with a single method. We've broken it down for you below. 

One sample + One method = Two results

Interpreting results by eye can be tricky! With an Automatic Titrator, the endpoint is detected for you. 
Manual titrations are inconsistent. Use an Automatic Titrator instead and get exact results every time.
In a busy, fast-paced world, testing manually is inconvenient. Stop wasting time and automate with a titrator. 
Record keeping is a hassle with manual titrations. Data integrity is everything. Easily generate detailed digital reports with a titrator.  
When performing manual titrations, more chemicals are needed. Cut costs and reduce titrant and sample usage with a titrator. 
Got questions?
Email us at sales@hannainst.com for assistance. Let's chat! We'd like to hear more about your requirements and find the right titrator for your testing needs.