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Hanna Instruments Introduces Three New Foodcare pH Testers

Specialized probes allow for better pH readings of meat, cheese, and milk samples.


Woonsocket, RI, June, 2018: Hanna Instruments is excited to introduce three new Foodcare pH Testers. Each tester is uniquely crafted to meet the requirements of the different food markets and deliver accurate pH measurements. The application specific probes for the three new Foodcare pH Testers include meat, cheese, and milk.

“pH testing should be simple and accurate and that is what we strive to offer with our new specialized pH testers. Their new features will help save time and increase efficiency allowing our customers to focus on what they really need to do.”
- Martino Nardo, President, Hanna Instruments

New Foodcare pH Testers Distinctive Features:

  • Meat pH Tester (HI981036): Our Meat pH Tester is equipped with a specialized probe featuring an open junction and food safe PVDF body. Specifically designed to provide accurate pH readings of meat during the meat production process.
  • Cheese pH Tester (HI981032): The built-in probe features an open junction, low temperature conical glass tip, and food safe PVDF body. This pH tester is perfect for measuring the pH of almost all types of cheeses and curds.
  • Milk pH Tester (HI981034): Durable in its design, this tester can hold up to the demands of a milk processing plant environment. The specialized probe features an open junction and low temperature conical glass tip making it the ideal tester for measuring the pH of milk during processing.

Hanna’s new Foodcare pH Testers are now available on our website. If you have any questions about our new products, please call (800) 426-6287.

About Hanna Instruments: Hanna Instruments, Inc. is the world’s largest privately held manufacturer of electroanalytical instrumentation. Since 1978 Hanna has produced practical, cost-effective devices for laboratory, environmental, food, and industry applications. We offer a wide array of instrumentation from research grade benchtop meters and ISEs, to single and multiparameter portable meters for pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and more. Hanna has over 40 offices worldwide to ensure exceptional levels of service and support anywhere in the world.

If you have any questions about this press release, please reach out to us at marketing@hannainst.com for more information.