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Hanna Instruments USA, Inc. Announces Its Newest Product, the Marine Nitrate High Range Checker® HC (HI782)

Hanna-Instruments-New-Marine-Nitrate-High-Range-Checker-HI782Smithfield, RI, May, 2021 – Hanna Instruments USA, Inc. (Hanna) is excited to announce its newest product, the Marine Nitrate High Range Checker® HC (HI782). This product is specifically designed to quickly and accurately determine high levels of nitrate for saltwater aquariums and marine applications. Its small, portable size makes testing on-the-go simple.

Hanna’s New Marine Nitrate High Range Checker® HC (HI782) is a convenient and easy-to-use testing solution for aquarists and saltwater aquarium hobbyists. Unlike with manual chemical test kits where users have to decipher color results visually, Hanna’s Marine Nitrate High Range Checker® HC (HI782) provides an exact digital read out.

This new product helps simplify and reduce the time it takes to test with only one reagent required and no filter process for zinc removal. With no dilution process, Hanna’s Marine Nitrate High Range Checker® HC (HI782) reads up to 75.0ppm.

“We are thrilled to introduce our New Marine Nitrate High Range Checker® HC (HI782) to the saltwater aquarium industry. We’ve created a product that aquarists everywhere will love to use,” states Kevin Costa, Aquarium and Aquaculture Manager for Hanna Instruments USA, Inc.

Hanna’s New Marine Nitrate High Range Checker® HC (HI782) will be available to order globally in Quarter Three. To be notified when it is available for ordering, please sign up on our website.

About Hanna Instruments USA, Inc. (Hanna): Hanna is the world’s largest privately held manufacturer of analytical and scientific instruments. Since 1978 Hanna has produced simple, affordable, high quality devices for laboratory, food, aquarium, agriculture, environmental, industry applications, and more. We offer a wide array of instrumentation from research grade benchtop meters and ISEs, to single and multiparameter meters for pH, DO, and more. Thousands of consumers and major brands trust Hanna for their testing needs. Hanna operates in 34 countries around the globe, ensuring exceptional levels of customer service and support. For more information, please visit hannainst.com.

If you have any questions about this press release, please reach out to us at marketing@hannainst.com for more information.