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Hanna Instruments Introduces a New Generation of Titrators

With a compact design, our new titrators require less space in the lab and deliver accurate results.

titrator-hi932-800by600Woonsocket, RI, October, 2018: Hanna Instruments is excited to introduce two new titrators (HI931 and HI932). Thoughtfully designed for the modern lab, this new generation of titrators features a 50% smaller footprint allowing for easy integration into a lab space.

“Hanna’s new titrators are designed to set the standard for price and performance, making auto-titration affordable for all laboratory budgets without sacrificing accuracy or precision.”

-Jeff Tompkins, National Sales Manager – Titration Division, Hanna USA


New Generation of Titrators (HI931 and HI932) Features:

  • This new generation of titrators is designed with a 50% smaller footprint for easy integration into a lab.
  • Gutters and wells are built into the titrator design to protect important connections and safeguard internal electronics from spills.
  • These titrators feature an unmatched 40,000 step dosing pump that is capable of dosing extremely small volumes of titrant so a precise endpoint is achieved.
  • This new generation of titrators produces customizable analysis reports so the required data for each application is stored for added traceability. In addition, all important GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) information is recorded.

Hanna’s new generation of titrators (HI931 and HI932) are now available on our website. If you have any additional questions regarding these new titrators, please contact (800) 426-6287.

About Hanna Instruments: Hanna Instruments, Inc. is the world’s largest privately held manufacturer of electroanalytical instrumentation. Since 1978 Hanna has produced practical, cost-effective devices for laboratory, environmental, food, and industry applications. We offer a wide array of instrumentation from research grade benchtop meters and ISEs, to single and multiparameter portable meters for pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and more. Hanna has over 40 offices worldwide to ensure exceptional levels of service and support anywhere in the world.

If you have any questions about this press release, please reach out to us at marketing@hannainst.com for more information.