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Potassium CAL Check™ Standards
Potassium CAL Check™ Standards

Potassium CAL Check™ Standards


The HI96750-11 Potassium CAL Check™ Standards provide a simple solution to calibrating and validating the compatible HI96750 Potassium Portable Photometer. This high quality set of standards is manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility and comes supplied with a certificate of analysis. The certificate of analysis provides the lot number, reference values, and expiration date for traceability when certifying compatible potassium photometers

  • Supplied with Certificate of Analysis
  • Standard value of 5.0 ±0.5 mg/L potassium (low range) @ 25°C 
  • Standard value of 50 ±5 mg/L potassium (medium range) @ 25°C 
Potassium CAL Check™ Standards
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