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Manganese High Range Portable Photometer
Manganese High Range Portable Photometer

Manganese High Range Portable Photometer


Just a heads up! This Hanna Instruments product is no longer available. Don’t worry though, we’re still here to support you.

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The HI96709 Manganese High Range Portable Photometer combines accuracy and ease of use in an ergonomic, portable design. A user can accurately determine the concentration of manganese within a 0.0 to 20.0 mg/L (ppm) range using the HI93709-0 ready made reagents. The HI96709 offers many advanced features including the exclusive CAL Check™ function used for performance verification and calibration of the meter.

  • CAL Check™ Validation and Calibration
  • Built-in Timer
  • Automatic Shut Off

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