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Advanced Waterproof Thermistor Thermometer
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Advanced Waterproof Thermistor Thermometer


The Waterproof Thermistor Thermometer - HI93510N is housed in a rugged waterproof casing designed for use in the field as well as the laboratory. The HI93510N allows for calibration in an ice bath at 0°C and offers a wide range of probes for measurement in gases, air, and liquids, as well as surfaces and substances that require penetration for accurate readings. Optional thermistor probes cover a wide temperature range from -50.0 to 150°C (-58.0 to 302°F).

  • 0°C Calibration
  • Backlit Display
  • Thermistor Probes
  • Not suitable for body temperature measurements.
Advanced Waterproof Thermistor Thermometer
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