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Cleaning Solution for Humus Deposits (25 x 20 mL Sachets)
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Cleaning Solution for Humus Deposits (25 x 20 mL Sachets)


The HI700664P is an effective, alkaline cleaning solution that is specially formulated for cleaning pH electrodes used in agricultural applications with humus organic soil matter. Electrodes can become dirty from use and will produce inaccurate results even as they read correctly in a pH buffer. Hanna's cleaning solutions eliminate impurities and residues that are left on electrode surfaces when immersed in samples during measurement and stored incorrectly. Hanna suggests cleaning the bulb and junction of your electrode on a regular basis to ensure that the probe is always clean and prevent any clogging of the junction. Each sachet has the lot number and expiration date stamped on it and is made of light block foil ensuring freshness each time one is opened. Hanna's line of cleaning solutions have been specially formulated to have an expiration of 5 years from the date of manufacture for an unopened sachet.

  • Specially formulated cleaning solution to remove wine deposits from a pH electrode
  • Convenient, one-time use sachets ensure freshness of solution
Cleaning Solution for Humus Deposits (25 x 20 mL Sachets)
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