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Coming Soon! A New Fertigation experience is on the horizon.

GroLine Fertigation System
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GroLine Fertigation System

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Introducing the Next Generation Fertigation System Integrating Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

Take your facility to the next level with our New GroLine Fertigation System, which provides fully automated nutrient injection and pH adjustment. Easily control and monitor your lighting, irrigation, and environmental conditions for your grow operation from anywhere, anytime with cloud-based software. Everything you need to optimize your yield is now at your fingertips.

  • Perfect for Any Size Grow Facility
  • Optimize the Monitoring and Control of your Feeding Schedules
  • Get Peace of Mind Anywhere, Anytime with Remote Access
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Optimize the Monitoring and Control of your Feeding Schedules

Cultivation meets automation and precision. Our New Fertigation System is packed with features to help you achieve repeatable results and grow your very best.
Up to 16 Nutrient Injectors to customize your fertilizer mixtures for optimum nutrient application, absorption, and plant health.

Modular system, compatible with your existing technology infrastructure.

255+ Programs that allow you superior flexibility to set various EC and pH values for a variety of crops, making it ideal for complex or multiple fertilizer mixes.

Save Your Time, Money, and Resources

Ensure that better yields with our New GroLine Fertigation System.

Say goodbye to the 12-15 hour days in your greenhouse. Our New Fertigation System does the work for you by providing complete nutrient automation.

Spend less time programming. Our New Fertigation System features a simple programming process and an easy-to-use touchscreen interface.

Increase your efficiency. Our New Fertigator delivers water and nutrients directly into the root zone helping to reduce labor costs and lessen fertilizer and water usage.

Get Peace of Mind Anywhere, Anytime with Remote Access

Our New Fertigation System is designed for the modern, on-the-go grower. See what your plants are up to and keep them growing from wherever you are.

Get feedback from your plants and make critical decisions in real-time with complete visibility into your facility.

Cloud-based software allows for 24/7 access, monitoring, and control via any device.

Cloud-based data storage and reporting enable data tracking/logging for analytics and program/recipe consistency.