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HANNA Instruments offers the latest testing equipment for soilless growing. Hanna's hydroponic section is full of pH meters, EC/TDS meters, testers, controllers , fertigation control and sanitation systems needed for growing hydroponically.
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What are the different types of hydroponic growing systems?

There are six different types of hydroponic growing systems, they are: Aerponic, Drip, Ebb and Flow, N.F.T, Water Culture and Wick.

Why is pH in hydroponics important?

pH is very important in hydroponics, for a couple of reasons. If the pH of the water or solution is too high or low, it can prevent the plants from taking up certain nutrients and minerals. It is also important that the pH of the water be the right value before any nutrient is added – if the pH is too high or low, the liquid fertilizer added may precipitate right out.

"We sell tons of Hanna Products in our Hydroponics Store. Hanna has Always been the most reliable, consistent and EASY TO USE meter we carry. I guess that's why Hanna is our #1 SELLING METER for 5 YEARS RUNNING!!"
- Philip, NC

"We have used Hanna instruments for years now. VERY stable and VERY reliable. We do product testing for nutrient systems and a good meter is a MUST for our work and testing. We use a 6 stage filtering system and temperature controlled water storage tanks and we rely ONLY on Hanna instruments to ensure us our water is ALWAYS at its best! We also custom build and design advanced hydroponics systems and we use Hanna instruments ONLY on all our control modules for our systems and 24/7 multi stage nutrient solution monitoring. Thank you Hanna! "
- Ronnie, MA

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