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HANNA Instruments offers aquarium enthusiasts and aquaculturists, a wide variety of testers, meters, chemical test kits, photometers, monitors and controllers that measures pH, TDS, Phosphate, phosphorus, Dissolved Oxygen, ORP, Alkalinity, and more.
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What is the recommended pH level for my aquarium?

The recommended pH of an aquarium will have incredible variation. It depends on whether it is salt water or fresh water, mostly. Most salt water tanks will be 8.3 – 8.5. a fresh water tank runs more to neutral (pH 7), but it will depend on what kind of fish they have. For instance: Goldfish like it a little more basic, around 7.5. Cichlids like it a little more acidic, around 6.5. And discus like it even more acidic than that, often 5.0-6.0.

Why is it important to measure Phosphate in my aquarium?

Phosphate gets added to tap water (in the form of organophosphate) to prevent the water from corroding lead pipes and picking up lead contamination. Phosphate in the water = algae growth = gross looking tank and/or dead corals.

"I love Hanna Checkers to check for my Phosphates, Alkalinity and pH in my 90 gallon reef aquarium. I am so thrilled that Hanna actually had the inspiration to make these new Checkers to check my aquarium water quality. They are very affordable and very easy to use. I have told all of my aquarium buddies on Reef Central about these and how great they are."
- Bartolomeo Rego, FL

"I really love my Hanna Phosphate Photometer. It is really easy to use the re-agent and mix it with the aquarium water to get super accurate tests."
- Richard Gross, AZ

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