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Turbidity Meters

The USEPA and Standard Methods recommend a particular wavelength in the visible range of the spectrum and the European system requiring an infrared light source (ISO 7027). In order to satisfy these different requirements, HANNA has developed products that meet both standards.
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What is turbidity?

Turbidity is a measure of the cloudiness of water- the cloudier the water, the greater the turbidity. Turbidity is caused by suspended solids caused by phytoplankton, human activities that disturb land such as construction that can result in high sentiment levels.

Why is turbidity important?

Turbidity is important because high turbidity in drinking water can lead to develop into gastrointestinal diseases. High turbidity in water bodies such as lakes, rivers and reservoirs, can reduce the amount of light reaching lower depths, which can inhibit growth of submerged aquatic plants and consequently affect species which are dependent on them, such as fish and shellfish.

Stormwater and turbidity

Storm water is generated when precipitation from rain and snowmelt events flows over land or surfaces and does not infiltrate into the ground. Storm water can also be caused from construction activities. As storm water flows over a construction site. HANNA offers a EPA compliant turbidity meter that will allow storm water officials to determine if they are compliant with the EPA turbidity limitation.

"Our company purchased the Hanna Instruments model 98703 portable Turbidity Meter in April 2008. Since then, it has seen varied and rugged use in the heavy construction industry. It has worked flawlessly in that time. We are very satisfied with the performance of this fine instrument, and believe it has been an excellent choice in turbidity metering."

"We recently acquired a model HI 98703 Turbidity Meter. The ease of setup and standardization was fantastic. The menu guides you through every step of preparation and analysis. The speed and accuracy of the results is quite impressive. We were able to create a procedure and implement usage of the unit, within hours of delivery. We are very pleased with our decision to consider Hanna Instruments, for our turbidimeter requirements."
- Matt, MI

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