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Titration Systems

HANNA automatic titrators range from multiparameter research grade systems, to mini meters made to suit specific industries.
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What is a titration?

Titration, also known is a laboratory method of quantitative chemical analysis that is used to determine the unknown concentration of a known reactant.

What is a Potentiometric titration?

Potentiometric titration is a technique similar to direct titration of a redox reaction. No indicator is used, instead the voltage across the analyte, typically an electrolyte solution is measured.

How is Potentiometric titration prefomred?

To do this, two electrodes are used, a neutral electrode and a standard reference electrode. The voltage is recorded at intervals as the titrant is added. A graph of voltage against volume added can be drawn and the end point of the reaction is half way between the jump in voltage.

Do you have a titration system for moisture analysis?

Yes the HI 903 Karl Fischer Volumetric Titrator For Moisture Determination

"The 84100 mini titration system is very small and in a laboratory this is very important, because the space is always limited."
- Gonozalo Celayeta

"The Hanna titrator is working great. Running SO2s has never been easier. I have already trained Jesse (who has no lab or winery experience) to use it and I am confident in the results."
- Bill Parker

"Here at the Wine Room of Monmouth County, our Hannah Instrument of choice is the HI901 Automatic Titration System. The machine is accurate, easy to use, and very useful for the many barrels of wine that we need to test. Thank you! "
- The Wine Room

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