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HANNA's comprehensive line of Conductivity and TDS meters offer dedicated single parameter instruments, as well as multiparameter instruments that support up to eight parameters including salinity and resistivity.
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What is EC?

Electrical Conductivity (EC) is defined by the ability of a solution to conduct an electrical current.

What is TDS?

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) is defined as the amount of solids dissolved in a solution.

How does an EC/TDS meter work?

Two electrodes with an applied AC voltage are placed in the solution. This creates a current dependent upon the conductive nature of the solution. The meter reads this current and displays in either conductivity (EC) or ppm (TDS).

How is TDS measured?

By means of a conductivity meter. The conductivity is measured and the TDS is calculated by a fixed mathematical formula in the meter.

What is the difference between microSiemens and milliSiemens?

Both are units of conductivity. 1000 microSiemens (µS) = 1 milliSiemen (mS).

If I have a TDS meter with a 0.5 conversion factor how do I convert to the correct 0.7 value?

Multiply by 1.4; ex: 500 x 1.4 = 700.

"I took your pH/EC meter to Herat, Afghanistan to test water in surrounding villages. They were very excited to use your valuble tool."
- Arthur, TX

"You guys make the a great pH EC meter - very accurate and dependable."
- Chris, FL

"I bought a HANNA EC/TDS tester last year. I'm satisfied of how easy it is to use in the field. It makes my job a lot easier when I can help a grower in the field."
- Mike, TN

"The most accurate, yet affordable Conductivity/TDS testers around"
- Gary, RI

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